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About The Dust Collector Filter Company

The Dust Collector Filter Company was established to help our customers with an easy and affordable source to purchase replacement cartridge filters for their dust collector systems.  Our knowledgeable staff has many decades of service and experience in the dust collection industry. 

About Airvec Systems

The Dust Collector Filter Company is a Division of Airvec Systems and has been dedicated to providing complete design-build solutions to our customers for industrial and commercial air handling installation and dust collector equipment for more than 30 years – selling dust, mist, fume and trim collection solutions to industry. We provide complete solutions including Engineering, a full fabrication facility, installation technicians and service technicians.

Airvec Systems stands alone as we not only represent high quality manufacturers such as Chicago Blower, Plymovent, Scientific Duct Collectors, and United Air Specialists to name a few but; we also provide turnkey solutions to your dust collector system – from engineered design through start up.

To learn more about Airvec Solutions, please visit our website.

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Replacement Dust Collector Filter Cartridges

Browse our collection of high quality replacement Cartridge Filters designed for industrial Dust Collector systems.

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